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Frequently Asked Questions: Earring Care 

How should I clean my polymer clay earrings? 

You can wipe with a baby wipe or lint-free jewelry cloth. A makeup wipe can also remove makeup from your earrings after a day of wear! If you are desperate, you can take a Qtip with rubbing alcohol to remove any additional markings. Do not shower or sleep with your earrings on.


How should I store my polymer clay earrings? 


Since polymer clay is a plastic-based clay, your earrings can break if not cared for properly. While it is very unlikely your pair will break, please treat your earrings with love and care. Do not allow anything heavy or oily to sit on the earrings while storing your pair. Taking such measures will help prevent breakage. If you are like me and live in a hot southern state, it is important to remember to keep your earrings in a cool and dry place whenever not wearing them. This is me reminding you to take the earrings out of your car or out of your purse so they don't melt or crumble. 

Are Sjstudio earrings hypoallergenic?


Yes! All Sjstudio earrings are nickel free and hypoallergenic! Some earrings are gold-filled, and those will be specified in the product details. As a former sensitive ear girly, I get it, and that's why I have hypoallergenic!

Are polymer clay earrings lightweight? Are beaded earrings lightweight? 

Yes. When baked, polymer clay is extremely lightweight! One Sjstudio earring often weighs the same as a nickel to a quarter! Polymer clay earrings are the perfect accessory since they are so lightweight! Sjstudio beaded earrings weigh a bit more on average but are still extremely lightweight! 

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